My Goal Is To Help Guide Along A Path That Tends To Lack Light Until One Finds It Inside Themselves.

I welcome you to join me on a journey of exploration into the natural healing properties of your mind, body, and spirit.  Whether it is the achievement of a personal improvement goal or the urgent need to find a healthy more fulfilling life path, the therapeutic use of hypnosis, imagery, and mindfulness is the most powerful resource I know to comfortably and efficiently assist you to achieve your goals.

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Perhaps like you, I reached a point where I had to ask myself if I was living my best life, was I living at my full potential? For whatever reason, with each passing year, I felt a growing awareness that we are granted only so much time in our lives, and was I using mine to be truly happy, fulfilled, and purposeful? What was my contribution going to the world going be? As those questions grew ever stronger in my consciousness, it awakened in me a curiosity to learn and seek what options and experiences were out there that could offer me the answers and relief I was seeking.

I love talking with people and trying to find some solutions to their problems. Firstly, I wanted to try psychology and enrolled in one of the university’s extension programs. I took one class. One day my husband asked me “Why don’t you try hypnotherapy?” I look at him like he is crazy. What was that? I was very prejudiced at first. I did not know precisely what it was and how hypnotherapy works. He enrolled in the Hypnosis Motivation Institute’s Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy for me. They sent me the school’s catalog. I did not even look inside the catalog initially. One day I was about to throw away the catalog, and I said to myself “Let me read first before I throw away”. I saw lots of interesting classes other than hypnosis and lots of positive comments about school and education. I decided to take the first free classes and after that, I was amazed by hypnotherapy! Once there, I learned so many wonderful and fascinating tools to assist people with empowerment and personal transformation that my heart raced with excitement in every class. During my clinical hypnotherapy internship, I had the good fortune to work directly with the Director of the Institute and key Senior Staff Instructors to learn to integrate all my prior learning experiences into my hypnotherapy practice, combining everything I had learned on my own path with the clinical hypnotherapy skills I had acquired at the College. 

Today, I have found my life’s passion. I am reaching out my hand to others who are on or looking for the path of personal transformation. Nothing fills my heart more than to witness a soul releasing its pain, discovering its power, and finding its purpose.  That’s what happened to me and I would welcome the opportunity to witness it happening to you.

I have experience in different branches of Hypnotherapy. I have successfully treated many people with unknown pains, anxieties, and fears. I also specialized in Smoking Cessation and Tinnitus. I graduated from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute(HMI) and am a member of the American Hypnosis Association(AHA).